Why we eat, what we eat, and how can we control it?

The incidence of obesity and related diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, particularly amongst youth populations, is rising at an alarming rate. But who or what is to blame for this modern epidemic? Neuroscientists believe that the answer lies deep within our subconscious mind … Read More >>

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The Cyber Age of Moodvertising

Academics at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom have unveiled a fascinating project. They’ve created what’s being called a “social media garden”. The mood-modulated garden project, a collaboration between computer scientists and artists and controlled by crowd averaged Twitter responses, is being used to explore…  Read More >>


Don’t think – Creativity works better that way 

Neuroscience is now beginning to shed some light on the elusive nature of human creativity. Once considered the ultimate reward for intensive and conscious deliberation over an unsolved problem, the results of recent brain imaging experiments are beginning to paint a rather different picture of what drives creative thinking…  Read More >>


What causes Singapore companies to lose staff and sales?

Visitors to Singapore can be under no illusion that this is one of the most efficient service-based economies in the world. The Singapore Government’s investment into the service sector has helped ensure that the very highest standards of efficiency and customer service are encountered at every stage of the tourist’s journey. Read More >>

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