Dr Gemma Calvert Articles

Gemma has published extensively in trade journals, marketing and business magazines, infosites and forums around the world. She regularly publishes articles explaining how insights from the field of brain science can inform our understanding of marketing communications, how brands really work in consumers’  heads and how to predict human behaviour based on knowledge about human memory, perception and attention.


Online reviews: Trick that sways consumers

Research reveals how the brain works to trust the advice from total strangers.


The Business Times


Asian beauty market projected to be worth US$170b by 2019

Halal products seen gaining traction while consumers in general are getting more brand promiscuous. Read More >>

The Business Times


Separating good science from folklore in traditional Chinese medicine.

The sale of products derived from endangered species such as powdered rhino horn is outlawed in China. Yet, these animals are still poached and sold for human consumption in the belief that, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), they can relieve a wide range of ailments and diseases. Read More >>

The Business Times