Dr Gemma Calvert is a world renowned neuroscientist and one of the foremost pioneers of Neuromarketing. An entrepreneur, speaker and innovator, Gemma has worked closely with many of the world’s multinationals and government agencies to help them understand what consumers really feel or think so they can predict their behaviour more accurately. Contact Gemma to find out how your company can benefit from neuromarketing research and insights.

Dr Gemma Calvert Biography

Gemma is one of the foremost pioneers of Neuromarketing. A world-renowned specialist in the application of brain science to business, Gemma is an academic, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur. Read More >>

Dr Gemma Calvert Consulting

Helping companies to engage the appropriate Neuromarketing technique to address their business questions, undertaking market research projects and delivering unique insights … Read More>>

Dr Gemma Calvert Workshops

A highly experienced teacher, mentor and instructor. The topics covered in Gemma’s workshops span from the fundamental principles of Neuromarketing and how to commission … Read More >>

Dr Gemma Calvert Articles

Dr Gemma Calvert shares insights on how our knowledge of the human brain can enhance business. Published extensively in marketing and business magazines, infosites and forums …  Read More >>

Dr Gemma Calvert Media

Gemma has been a guest on numerous international TV and radio programmes including CBS ’60 Minutes’, BBC ‘Secrets of the Superbrands’ and ‘In our time’ on BBC Radio 4. Read More >>

Dr Gemma Calvert Public Speaking

An experienced and world-renowned speaker, Gemma is a regular keynote at many of the global marketing and consumer insight conferences. She is available for conferences, seminars, workshops … Read More >>


Online reviews: Trick that sways consumers

Research reveals how the brain works to trust the advice from total strangers. Read More >>

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