Dr Gemma Calvert Workshops

“Fantastic course! Feeling very enriched with lots of ideas percolating on how 2015 might be a bit different.”
Director, EmBold.

Excellent, great organization and lots of relevance through applied cases.”
Customer Insight Analyst, KMart

Gemma is a highly experienced teacher, mentor and instructor. The topics covered in her workshops span from the fundamental principles of neuromarketing and how to commission neuromarketing research to how to apply insights from brain science and psychology to inform business strategy, marketing campaigns, consumer insight and government policy.

Gemma currently teaches on MBA and Masters programs in Asia and runs commercial Executive Education workshops tailored for different sectors, industries and companies.

Workshops and Program Topics:


  • Neuromarketing methods and applications
  • Sensory marketing and branding
  • Creation and Persuasion “NEW” with Professor Stephen Thomas
  • Neuromarketing for the Packaging Industry
  • Neuroscience and government policy
  • Smart research on digital platforms
  • Applied neuroscience insights for effective marketing campaigns

Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs – from a series of breakfast or evening classes to one day or multiple day programs. Contact Gemma to discuss your requirements.

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