Mass-customised goods do have a future in Asia

Mass-customised goods do have a future in Asia

MASS customisation as an industry has burgeoned in Western markets since the 1950s and is now estimated to be worth over US$150 billion per annum. Advancements in technology and the widespread use of the Internet are fuelling the growing consumer demand for personalised products, particularly across the West.   Read More >>

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Why our brains are drawn to F1 races

Why our brains are drawn to F1 races

Singapore’s Formula 1 Grand Prix race is here again. Fast cars, hot chicks — is there a better recipe for fun? But have you ever wondered what’s behind our love affair with these adrenaline-fuelled sporting events? The secret, it seems, lies deep within the human brain, and neuroscientists believe they have an answer. Read More >>


Opportunities in multisensory marketing

Opportunities in multisensory marketing.

Understanding the science behind how the senses interact with one another enables marketers to effect positive sensory fusions that improve brand attention and attraction to consumers. Read More >>


How neuromarketing can unlock cross-cultural understanding.

Asia is fast becoming the centre of gravity for big consumer brands. By 2016, Asia will account for a quarter of the consumer goods market and 40% of total consumer growth. In the bid to dominate and maintain market share, brands compete ferociously to attract and maintain the rising tide of  … Read More >>

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