From Tough Mudders to Colour Runs: how Asian brands are gaining ground on competitors

Explosion of interest in alternative running events across the region gives companies a chance to reach more specific markets than traditional races. Read More >>

South China Morning Post

Smart Doctor: How smartphones hold the key to improving rural health in India

This steady rise of mobile phones is a key element in the viability of mobile technologies for improving the healthcare sector in India.  With such a huge penetration in areas where other basic infrastructure is lacking, tapping into mobile networks for the healthcare delivery seems to be a very reasonable proposition. Read More >>

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Why is Pasta so shiok?

Singaporeans are crazy about Italian food. On TripAdvisor four of the top ten rated restaurants in Singapore are Italian, as is the top rated restaurant, Fratini La Trattoria. PastaMania, Singapore’s biggest pasta chain, has a busy restaurant in almost every mall.  Read More >>

Singapore Business Review

Airport Woes

Airport woes and how retailers can help

Singaporeans are fortunate. Despite being in the top 15 busiest airports in the world, Changi Airport is a shining example of efficiency, comfort, and style. But the same cannot be said for the majority of airports elsewhere in the world. Read More >>

Singapore Business Review