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Published Books


Handbook of Multisensory Processing
MIT Press
Calvert, G.A., Spence, C., & Stein, B.E (Eds)

The rapid expansion of research in the field of Multisensory Processing has prompted its introduction as a topic on the teaching syllabus for undergraduate psychology and physiology. By collating the most up to date behavioral, perceptual and neurophysiological findings on multisensory processes from human and animal experiments as well as theoretical models of these cross-modal synergistic operations into a single edited volume, we hope to provide a unifying framework to facilitate teaching in this area as well as providing an invaluable reference source for existing and future researchers in this field. This book is the first of its kind and takes the format of the Cognitive Neurosciences by Michael Gazzaniga. It comprises over 50 chapters from key researchers in the field of sensory neuroscience.